Gary Bradsky

Gary Bradsky

CEO, Founder &

United States

Research Areas

Agricultural Automation, Autonomous Vehicle Navigation, Calibration and Identification, Computer Vision for Automation, Computer Vision for Manufacturing, Computer Vision for Medical Robotics, Computer Vision for Other Robotics Applications, Computer Vision for Transportation, Deep Learning in Robotics and Automation, Dual Arm Manipulation, Factory Automation, Industrial Robots, Intelligent and Flexible Manufacturing, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Localization, Logistics, Mapping, Medical Robots and Systems, Motion and Path Planning, Object Detection, Segmentation and Categorization, Omnidirectional Vision, Perception for Grasping and Manipulation, Product Design, Development and Prototyping, Recognition, RGB-D Perception, Robot Safety, Robotics in Agriculture and Forestry, Sensor Fusion, Sensor Networks, Sensor-based Control, Software, Middleware and Programming Environments, Tendon/Wire Mechanism, Visual Learning, Visual Servoing, Visual Tracking, Visual-Based Navigation, Wheeled Robots


Gary Bradski, PhD is a leading entrepreneur and researcher in computer vision and machine learning. He founded and still runs (CEO of) the most popular computer vision library in the world: OpenCV This is now being expanded in the form of the Open Source Vision Foundation ( ) to cover other areas of visual intelligence crutial to deploying beneficial AI in society, He organized the computer vision team for Stanley, the autonomous car that won the $2M DARPA Grand Challenge robot race across the desert which in turn kicked off the autonomous driving industry. Stanley now resides in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. Gary served as a visiting Professor at Stanford University Computer Science department for seven years where he co-founded the Stanford AI Robot (STAIR) Project which was the forerunner of the robot operating system (ROS) and PR2 robot developed at Willow Garage where he also served as Senior Scientist and manager. Gary is active in startups — he helped develop one of the first Video Search startups, VideoSurf, that sold to Microsoft in 2011. He later founded Industrial Perception Inc. which sold to Google in 2013 and he created the Silicon Valley office of Magic Leap. He has a long list of patents and publications and two textbooks and sits on the boards and advisory boards of several Silicon Valley Companies and is an angel investor in several others. Gary was an EIR at IDC Capital Group analyzing companies for six months before founding Arriay in 2016 which sold to Matterport in 2019. He’s now Senior Fellow at Gauss Surgical and CEO of, an AI product development company.