John Craig

John Craig

Stanford University, CA

United States

Research Areas

Automation, Automation Applications, Control Design & Engineering, Robot Programming, Robots

Interview Synopsis

In this interview, Craig discusses his early interest in robotics and his contributions and achievements throughout his career. Additionally, he reflects on the changes in, and future challenges of, the field of robotics.


John Craig received a bachelor’s and master’s degree from RPI in Troy, New York. Over the course of his almost forty year career, Craig has worked with several different robotics groups and companies performing research on the motion and control of robots and robotic parts, including JPL, Adept, Invenios, and his own company, Silma. His work and research has contributed greatly to both the academic and application side of robotics and a better understanding of adaptive control and autonomous robots. He also wrote an introductory robotics textbook, Craig is currently working on developing software for animal radiography, as well assisting in his wife’s plastic horseshoe company.