Paolo Dario

Paolo Dario

University of Pisa & SSSA, Pisa


Research Areas

Bioengineering, Human-computer Interaction, Robot Programming, Robots, Sensors


Paolo Dario was born in Piombino, Tuscany. He received his Doctor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pisa in Italy in 1977 and then pursued post-graduate education with the University of Pisa and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). Dario is currently a Professor of Biomedical Robotics and the Coordinator of the Ph.D. program in Biorobotics at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, Italy. Additionally, he has served as Visiting Professor at several colleges and universities, including Brown University, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the École Normale Superieure de Cachan, the College de France, and several others. With research interests focusing on medical robotics, bio-robotics, mechatronics, micro-/nano- engineering and robotics in rehabilitation, Dario’s contributions to the field of robotics has led to his involvement in several robotics projects and journals and two books on robotics, the publishing of more than 200 scientific papers, receiving numerous awards and honors, chairing robotics conferences, and serving on countless committees, such as the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.    

Interview Synopsis

In this interview, Dario outlines his education and introduction to robotics, and his contributions to the field, as well as his involvement in creating the early robotics community. He discusses his influence on robotics, such as founding the Advanced Robotics Technologies and Systems (ARTS) Laboratory and his involvement with the Center for the Research in Microengineering (CRIM), and his connections and collaborations with other roboticists. Finally, he discusses the future of robotics and mechatronics, and reflects on the challenges and changes the field has undergone over time. Additionally, Dario provides advice for young people interested in robotics.