Ron Daniel

Ron Daniel

Oxford University, Oxford

United Kingdom

Research Areas

Automation, Computing and Electronics, Control Design & Engineering, Control Theory, Human-computer Interaction, Manufacturing & Production, Robot Programming, Robots


Ron Daniel was born in Maidstone, Kent, England. He earned his bachelors degree in electrical engineering at Brunel University in London, before going on to do graduate work in control theory at, King’s College, Cambridge under Professor McFarlane. After earning his Ph.D., Daniel joined an Oxford research team working with the Central Electricity Generating Board at Marchwood to develop the design of remote manipulators.  

Interview Synopsis

In this interview, Daniel discusses his lengthy career in the field of robotics research. He reflects on his contributions to the field through his various projects and collaborations in industry and at universities, and the founding of his company. Additionally, he discusses the evolution of the field through the years and the challenges it will face, as well as provides advice to young people interested in robotics.