Kazuhiro Kosuge

Kazuhiro Kosuge

Tohoku University, Sendai


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Kazuhiro Kosuge is a professor in the department of Robotics at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. He received his collegiate education from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, leaving with his Ph.D in control engineering in 1988. During his education, Kosuge worked in research, first with Denso Corporation, an automobile parts manufacturer, and later as an associate at his alma mater. In 1995, Kosuge continued his career in academia, becoming a Research Professor in the field of Robotics at Tohoku University. Over the past thirty years, Kosuge received numerous awards for his publications and achievements in research over the years, most notably for his work on the Dancer Robot Project. Kosuge has also been a key member of the IEEE Robotics community and most recently served as Junior Past President of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

Interview Synopsis

This oral history covers aspects of the education and career of Kazuhiro Kosuge, detailing his professional life, starting with his university education and introduction to robotics, and continuing on to his career in the robotics field. Kosuge also touches upon his life in academia and working in research for many years before becoming a professor at Nagoya University, and later Tohoku. Also included is his personal reflection on his experience with the Dancer project, along with many other notable achievements throughout his extensive career. In addition, Kosuge offers his thoughts on the development of the robotics field and future milestones and leaves advice for newcomers who will continue the growth of robotics.